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www.tellpizzahut.com – To begin with let’s just say that the Official Tell Pizza Hut Customer Survey is one of the best restaurant surveys you can complete and with a great reward of $1,000 if you win the sweepstakes. By completing the Tell Pizza Hut Survey at www.tellpizzahut.com you will be giving important and valuable feedback to Pizza Hut to improve the great services at Pizza Hut.

You can of course skip this site and go straight to complete the Tell Pizza Hut Survey at www.tellpizzahut.com by registering the 12 digit ID number and other information as provided on your receipt if you have one, otherwise keep reading and you might learn something to help you complete the Tell Pizza hut Survey better.

Tell Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstakes

You may have also heard about the Tell Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstakes previously and also may have read about it on your receipt. The sweepstakes is Pizza Hut’s incentive to get you to their survey site and complete the Tell Pizza Hut Survey. The sweepstakes offers participants the chance at winning a Grand Prize of $1,000 in cash when you complete the Tell Pizza Hut Survey at www.tellpizzahut.com as mentioned above. The sweepstakes are run monthly so you have a regular chance to win the $300 prize. As for the number of times you can enter you can find more information about that by going to the www.tellpizzahut.com Sweepstakes rules.

What’s Involved?

What is involved when you register to complete the Tell Pizza Hut Survey at www.tellpizzahut.com is a series of questions relating to your experience shopping at Pizza Hut restaurant. Your responses can be used to improve Pizza Hut’s services and products. You also have the option to write an additional comment to Pizza Hut anything you like, this could be a compliment about a Pizza Hut employee or maybe even a complaint about something that happened to you while dining at Pizza Hut or about the quality or safety of a product you purchased. Be aware that if you are having problems completing the survey or you had problems you should send an email to www.tellpizzahut.com using the link at the bottom of the page and not put this information in the comment, since these comments will be unlikely to be forwarded to a technical person or team to fix.

As with all surveys you must be 18 years or older to complete the Tell Pizza Hut Survey and have a spare 5 to 10 minutes of your time, perhaps longer if you want to give a long comment.

Winners List

As with all sweepstakes and competitions to win a grand prize of Cash, Gift Cards and anything else really the Tell Pizza Hut Survey at www.tellpizzahut.com has it’s own set of rules that are specific to the Tell Pizza Hut Survey, it specifies who is able enter the Tell Pizza Hut Survey and when the survey is available and how often it is run.

$1,000 Grand Prize Information

It also provides all the information you need about the $1,000 grand prize and how to enter. Some more informative information it also provided such as the odds of winning, prize restrictions and how you will find out if you have one or not or how you will be notified if you are the winner.

There is also the same basic liability and use of data information policy as in the form of a privacy policy as seen just about everywhere on the internet these days.. If you can’t find it, don’t enter your information because it’s likely to be some sort of scam of hoax site. For more information go to: www.tellpizzahut.com rules

If you want to know who has won the sweepstakes then you can visit the www.tellpizzahut.com winners list. There isn’t much to this list, it simply lists detail of when the sweepstakes was run and the winners for that period, the information is limited to names and location, you won’t find address and any other personal information on this page.